Life Changed in Haiti

May 1, 2020

Life Changed in Haiti

Yvrose is a 43-year-old mother of two living in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She attended school but didn’t learn much and was forced to miss often because of frequent illnesses. As she grew up, she began to worship idols. She also prayed to Mary but refused to listen when people told her about Jesus.

For years, Yvrose was embarrassed because she didn’t know how to read or write. A friend who was trained as a Bible-based Literacy instructor asked Yvrose to help recruit students. “I took advantage of the situation and enrolled myself in the class,” Yvrose remembers.

She was excited to attend the class, but the more lessons she attended, the more her joy grew. Now, she can read and write. “The resources from Bible League International have helped me learn words very quickly and read the Word of God,” she says. “I finally received salvation on December 12, 2017.”

Things in her life have changed for the better, including her attitude. “I used to be very disrespectful to people,” she says. “Now, I am different. If people get mad or offend me, I remain silent.”

She also finds joy in spreading the Gospel. Yvrose now works in the Sunday School program in her church. She hopes to see the Bible-based Literacy program spread across the country, helping others learn about Christ as well as improve their lives and economic situations.

“I would love to see Bible League International's literacy program in many other churches. There are many people here in Haiti who are illiterate,” she says. “I want to thank and congratulate Bible League for the resources. The material was very helpful in my journey towards accepting Jesus Christ and learning how to read and write."

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