Living a New Life Like Paul

Peter was brought up in a culture in Zambia that was immersed in traditional beliefs. He explains, "I depended on consulting traditional healers for any help, and to me, Christ never existed." Peter also didn't attend any formal school. This posed a great challenge for him as he was also unable to educate his kids due to poverty. He says, "Living a life of misery was normal to me."

The 66-year-old was invited by his friend to attend a Project Philip Bible study. While there, he was drawn to the life of the Apostle Paul. He explains, "Saul discovered that he missed a lot because of not knowing Christ. In the process, he experienced a remarkable change in his life. He later became Paul, the great ambassador of Jesus who spread the Good News about God's kingdom."

Peter was so touched by the teaching that he decided to surrender his life to Christ and commit himself to God, so he could live a transformed life the way Paul did. Peter notes, "I liken my life to that of Paul before he was changed. I know that in the same way he received transformation, so shall it be for me, too."

Since becoming a follower of Jesus Christ, Peter has experienced God's love and a passion for God's Word. He says, "I'm not ashamed to share my new life in Christ with other people." His family is also different since encountering a Project Philip Bible study.

He reveals, "Before attending Project Philip Bible studies, my family believed that whatever happened was initiated by witchcraft. We thank God that after attending the Bible study group our lives are not the same. We all now believe in Christ! Whatever happens now, it's God who has allowed it. Our trust is in God and not witch doctors. To God be the glory!"

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