Living Like I was Dead

"My testimony is not the most impressive story," Oscar says shyly, "but I definitely know Jesus is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my live." He lives in Male, in Veracruz, along the eastern coast and the Gulf of Mexico. Known to most for its tourism, the people living in rural areas and struggling in the shadows of its cities live in poverty. Declining opportunity, eroding education, and increasing poverty drive people to despair, and push young men like Oscar into crime or drugs.

"Everyone started to smoke and drink when we were very young," he admits, "and I didn't think it was so bad because it was so common. What else could you expect?" Then his life started to unravel. "My parents and two sisters and I were just like everyone else—poor, unhappy, and empty," Oscar says. "My parents spent their days trying to borrow money for food, selling anything they could at pawnshops. Then they got a divorce. Again, that's what was happening in every other family, so I didn't realize how bad it was."

"That's when a local pastor—trained and equipped because of your help—saw Oscar wandering around the neighborhood. "He said I looked lost and invited me to a Project Philip Bible study. There was something different about this man. He lived a different life—he wasn't angry, and he didn't shout at his wife. This is sure strange, I thought."

"Since that day, I have found that Jesus Christ is the only source of real happiness. He alone gives a full life," Oscar says, and then quickly adds, "To all the great brothers and sisters who helped give me God'sWord, thank you. What you did reached me.

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