Longpre sees God created everything

Woman in Bangladesh finds Jesus

June 15, 2020

Lonpre lives in a remote village in Bangladesh.

Across southeastern Bangladesh, there are many indigenous ethnic groups, including the Tripura community. Each one is distinct from the majority population in race, language, culture, heritage, religion, and political history.

Longpre, a 23-year-old wife and mother, is a member of the Tripura community. She and her family live in a remote area with no vehicles and no public transportation. It’s a two-hour walk to the closest market.

For years, Longpre and her family worshipped nature. But when her daughter got sick, a local pastor and Bible League-trained church planter began to comfort her family. “Pastor told us that Jesus would heal our daughter, and I believed him,” she says. “Miraculously, she was healed.”

The pastor continued to visit the family, teaching them the Word of God. Longpre began to worship God, and she saw major changes in her life. “We had many struggles in our family. Our marriage was not very easy,” she says. “Now, we have a lot of peace and understanding between us.”

She credits the change to her family’s time in the Word. “Jesus has transformed my life and my character,” she says. “My neighbors did not like me as I was known to pick fights for small issues. But God taught me peace.”

Longpre no longer worships nature, but the one true God. “My house is just below the mountains and is made of bamboo. We do not have electricity, only the sun gives us light. When I look at the mountains, the hills, the sky, and everything, I know that God created it all.”

Her hope for the future is that people in her village could know Jesus. “This really is a changed life,” she says. “Many women like me in the village are struggling. My prayer is that Jesus changes their lives as He changed mine.”

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