Ministry in the Mountains

Pastora Mel is reaching the remote tribal villages of the Philippines

October 28, 2019

Pastora Mel grew up among the forest reserves of the river basins in the Benguet Province of the Philippines. She is a member of the Kalanguya tribe and a minister in a local church. "God changed my life totally," she beams. "I gave my life to Him, and He is using me to spread the love I received from Him among the surrounding tribes in this area, the Kankana-ey, the Ibaloy, and even the Igorot tribes."

There are many challenges Pastora Mel must contend with when ministering in this area. Many of the people in her outreach are alcoholics, gamblers, many practice animal sacrifice, and there are clan wars.

But she is not deterred. "I can still climb the mountains at my age to reach them," she says with a smile. Although she has served the Lord for a long time, she signed up for Project Philip Bible studies with a group of fellow ministers.

"Praise God that He let His light shine upon us," she says.

We share Christ’s love, and tell the people how much He has changed our lives. When they see the changes in us, they become curious.

"As they learn more about Jesus, they accept Him as their Savior...and they are spreading the Gospel themselves! It really feels so sweet and joyous whenever someone accepts the Lord. This is my inspiration in my ministry to these tribes."

Her fervent hope is that we may one day be able to witness the great things that God is doing among the tribes. She is grateful for the way Project Philip has strengthened her ministry.

She explains, "These trainings and materials are crucial for us to become more effective in our ministries. Thank you so much for the Bibles.

Most members of the tribes are poor and cannot afford to buy one. The Word of God will bring wisdom and joy to each of them. To God be the glory!"

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