My Life Has Changed

"My name is Isaac, and I am a young man from Kamega in the Upper East region of Ghana. I was raised in a traditional home in this area- my father was a tribal priest thought to have the ability to communicate with the gods and tell people what the gods were saying. And as the first-born son, I was entitled to succeed my father and follow his beliefs as a disciple." One of the consequences for Isaac was that he should never attend a church.

"But my life was full of anger and I was always drinking. I fought with my father and decided to leave home and spend the night in the forest. The following day I saw some herdsman and joined them without any idea where they were going," Isaac recalls.

Her aunt is a believer, and she would come over often to encourage the family. "The words of my aunt were very encouraging," Elmira exclaims. "My mother was stressed out about my brother because he got very sick. My aunt came over with her pastor and his wife, and they prayed for my brother." The pastor explained who Jesus is, and invited them to be a part of Project Philip Bible studies at his church.

Soon Isaac and the herdsman he joined found themselves in a community where they heard singing. "It was in a church and I was drawn to the sound. I entered the church and listened, and I understood what they were saying. That's when I decided to believe- that's when I became a Christian," he admits.

"The pastor of the church organized a Project Philp Bible study, and gave me the opportunity to join. That's how I learned how wrong my way of life once was, and I deeply regretted my actions. I resolved to turn to God because even though I had sinned, God still welcomes me," Isaac relays with relief.

"All the things I struggled with before I became a Christian were still part of my life, and I knew this had to change," Isaac says, "so I asked God to change my life and I believe that is what God did. I stopped doing so many things, and I have learned to forgive others. My life has changed."

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