Never Too Late for Jesus

Tomkaw, 75, spent most of her life in Thailand as a Buddhist.

December 6, 2019

Genevie and her mother.

Tomkaw, 75, spent most of her life in Thailand as a Buddhist. It's the only life she knew, and she thought she would be a Buddhist until she died.

As she aged, her daughter and son-in-law welcomed her into their home with promises that they would care for her. But those promises didn't last. After a few years, her family's attitude changed. They weren't kind and began stealing from her and abusing her.

"They forged my signature and took everything, including my money in my bank account.

After they got everything, they started abusing me and cursing me," she says. "I was so hurt that I thought of committing suicide."

In the midst of her pain, a Christian friend shared the Gospel and invited her to church. Desperate for relief, Tomkaw eagerly agreed.

"The pastor told me about Jesus Christ, the one who can help me come out of my awful situation," she says. "I opened my heart to receive Jesus that day."

That decision brought joy back into Tomkaw's life. She was able to return to her own home and began attending church regularly. "I'm so glad that I have a new family at the church," she says. "My sorrow and sadness are gone."

But God wasn't done yet; He started working in Tomkaw's daughter's heart. She began to call her mother to check in and even wired her money.

God has transformed Tomkaw's heart and relationship with her daughter. Tomkaw is now in a Project Philip Bible study to get even closer to Jesus.

"The Easy-to-Read Bible and Project Philip materials have been so useful and have helped me understand life in Jesus much better," she says. "I am so thankful for Jesus because He raised me up to more than I can be."

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