A New Creation in Prison

eNews_1710_story1From Poverty to Prison to Christ

“I grew up in the slums of Mathare—one of the oldest and worst slums of Africa. People live on top of each other,” is the way he describes it. There are more than 700,000 people crowded there, just three miles from Nairobi, the capital. It is plagued by disease, drugs, crime, and too many people living without hope.

“I grew up with just my mother, she was a Christian and we went to church, but soon I stopped caring and that’s when my life fell apart,” he continues. “I lived like everyone else in the slum–drinking, stealing, and addicted to drugs—it was too late for me.”

“Sitting alone on that bench,” he says pointing across the prison yard, “I realized how far I had drifted away from God. The next thing I heard was an invitation to join a Project Philip Bible study and I jumped at the opportunity.”

Eager to Help

As he listened, he heard the things he knew from his childhood. “But this time, I knew that I had to give my life to Jesus. Believe in Him. Live for Him. So I did that, and Jesus is my Savior,” he says boldly. “I am no longer the addict I used to be. Jesus has transformed my life, and I’m so happy today.”

An eager learner, Alexander also learned that he could help others understand the Gospel. “I learned how to lead others to Christ so their lives can be transformed like mine. Today, I’m the one asking others to come with me to Project Philip Bible studies, and when I’m released someday, I will do the same. I need to go back to the place I was raised and tell them how God changed me.”