In October, more than 300 children graduated from a Project Philip Bible study in an area of Venezuela where biblical resources are very limited. Project Philip Bible studies in Mexico were moved outdoors with social-distancing measures in place. A woman in Zimbabwe dances with her very first Bible—a Bible she received during COVID-19. Several Project Philip Bible studies were completed across Zimbabwe; each participant received a copy of the Bible. Azat, center, couldn’t go to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. During his time at home, he started a Project Philip Bible study with his family, which led to his salvation. In Mexico, a Bible League-trained church planter drove through his community handing out Bibles. He instructed people to step out of their homes and hold something red to receive a copy, maintaining a safe distance while still sharing the Word. Healthcare workers in Haiti hosted a Project Philip Bible study even as they worked around the clock during the pandemic. Social-distancing regulations in Ghana pushed Project Philip Bible studies into homes, but that didn’t slow down the participants. Approximately 100 adults were reached in this community alone. In Thailand, a Philip (Project Philip Bible study leader) dropped off food for families in need while traveling for the ministry. Pastors in Albania reached the Roma community with food and the Word of God during the pandemic. In Sri Lanka, Philips shared the Gospel along with food and necessities. At the start of the pandemic, a partner in the Philippines gave Bible League Scriptures to the local police force as they were working with the community to maintain quarantine. Across the world, people began hosting Project Philip Bible studies virtually. Praise God for the opportunities He created for us to gather when we couldn’t physically be together!

Nothing Can Stop the Gospel

December 21, 2020

It’s easy to look back on 2020 as a difficult year. But despite the challenges, the Lord has created opportunity after opportunity for His Word to spread. Partners around the globe have shared stories of Project Philip Bible studies happening online and in-person, people being baptized, and the Gospel reaching areas for the first time, areas we may have never reached without a pandemic. This virus didn’t stop the Gospel; it propelled it forward. And that’s all because of supporters like you.

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