Now I Want to Live

After fleeing her abusive home at an early age, Flor lived on the streets as a teenager. Now a married 36-year-old mother of 7, she lives on the outskirts of Lima, Peru, in the impoverished barrio Paradero de las Flores.

Their one-room home, where 11 people live, is a mix of thin plywood, plastic tarps, and a dirt floor. With no kitchen or water, they cook food outside over a fire. Her husband collects garbage on the roads to sell to recycling centers. And while her kids are in bed, Flor sells homemade caramel on the street.

Because of her past, Flor struggled with addiction and fought with her husband daily. One night, during a fight, a Philip (a Project Philip Bible study leader) from the church at the foot of the hill in the barrio showed up wanting to share God's Word. Surprised by the timing, they decided to give him a chance and studied the Bible for the first time that night.

Flor recalls with a smile, "I felt peace. Something changed inside of me that night, so I had to continue." Flor studied the Bible every week through a Project Philip Bible study. She finished the study and received a Bible of her own.

After seeing Flor's newfound peace, her husband wanted the same in his life, so he decided to accept Christ as his Savior. Now, they attend the church at the foot of the hill together. And their lives are hopeful. Flor explains, "I love my family like I never did. When I feel weak, I read the Bible or start praying. It doesn't matter if I'm at home or on the streets selling caramel."

She reveals, "I used to think about suicide. But now I want to live. I want to see my children grow up and enjoy life with God."

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