Now, Ledio Doesn’t Feel Alone

Teen in Albania finds love in Christ

June 8, 2020

Leido with his Bible.

“I live in a very poor family,” begins 15-year-old Ledio who is part of the Roma community in Tirana, Albania. Since he was a little boy, Ledio has collected cans and bottles each day to sell for money. He notes, “But the money we earn is little. We can’t afford to feed ourselves.” Because of his poverty, Ledio has felt abandoned and lonely most of his life.

Like most Albanians, his family practiced Islam, but the religion didn’t give him any hope or joy. He explains, “All I knew, and I knew it well, was the situation we were in, the poverty we had. I did not feel the love of Allah. It seemed to me that he judged me more than he loved me.”

But as a child, Ledio’s life began to take a different turn when he was invited to a church just across the street from his house. First, he went to their Project Philip Bible studies for children. Then, when Ledio grew older, he began going to the youth Bible studies. He notes, “I learned many beautiful things and realized that Jesus really loved me. I realized that He had died on the cross for my sins, and I gave my heart to Him.”

Ledio began reading the Bible every day, but when his dad found out, he wouldn’t let Ledio go to church anymore. He notes, “I decided to read the Bible, but kept it secret. I also went to the church when my parents were not at home.”

When a big earthquake hit the country last year, Ledio’s house was heavily damaged. The church began to help Ledio’s family with food, which impressed them. But his dad was still angry with his son. Then, the pandemic hit, and the family couldn’t get food. Again, the church helped. Ledio says, “The love that the church showed once more, as well as my prayers, softened my father’s heart. He allowed me to attend the Project Philip Bible studies again.”

Not only is Ledio back at church, but his parents have also started reading the Bible. He says, “Now, I have the opportunity to talk to them about Jesus. My life is now full of love, and I don't feel alone.”

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