From Devout Hindu to Christian Pastor

From Devout Hindu to Christian Pastor

Nugah pastors a growing church in southern Nepal, but not long ago, his life looked completely different.

Nugah grew up in a typical Hindu household. His parents were devout Hindus and religiously followed all of the Hindu practices. When he grew up and had a family of his own, they did the same.

However, life took an unexpected turn when Nugah developed a painful, abnormal growth in his abdomen. “It was hard to eat or sleep well,” he shares. My parents were concerned and did everything they could by praying to the gods but were helpless. My wife comforted me, but soon the pain was too much to endure."

While he was in the hospital, Nugah received prayer from a most unlikely source—a local pastor. Growing up at home, the children were forbidden to befriend a Christian.

“My friend suggested that the pastor pray for me,” says Nugah. “I readily agreed. It was the first time I had a Christian pray for me. When the pastor finished praying, Nugah and his wife felt peace and their fears fell away. Nugah underwent surgery and made a quick recovery with his wife’s support.

“God began working in our lives,” he continues “After a few months, my wife and I accepted Jesus into our lives.” Nugah began attending the church of the pastor who had prayed for him. The pastor encouraged him to attend a Project Philip Bible study provided by Bible League International. Nugah was happy to read the Bible, study it, and learn about Jesus.

He went on to be trained as a Project Philip Bible study leader himself. “I share my testimony with everyone I meet and invite them to church,” says Nugah.

Today, Nugah pastors his own church in southern Nepal, where more than 40 people from all walks of life regularly gather for worship. He leads Project Philip Bibles studies to help them grow in faith. He also trains some to lead Bible studies, too, so that the church will grow.

“Thank you for providing us with Bibles and training. They have been a blessing to me, my family, and our church. Dhanyawad . . . thank you!”

More people in Nepal need to find new life in Jesus Christ through the power of God’s Word, just like Nugah did.

Today, you can make an eternal difference in lives by providing a gift of Bibles and training. Will you help?


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