Pastor’s Commitment to the Gospel

Dedicated pastor is spreading the Word in Thailand

February 3,2020

Pastor Narong is spreading the Gospel in Thailand.

Pastor Narong, 53, is devoted to sharing God’s Word in Thailand. A former translator for Bible League International, he has worked as a Project Philip coordinator and now as the national director of Thailand. He has a lot to say about how Project Philip helps believers here.

This work isn’t without complications. When asked what some of the biggest challenges are, he responds, “Most newly formed congregations attract members from economically challenged classes.” He also cites the tendency to see Christian leaders in the same vein as Buddhist monks. He shares, “They regard the pastor as a spiritual expert and as someone who bestows blessings.”

There are roughly 250,000 Buddhist monks in Thailand right now, and they enjoy great esteem. Many people believe any food donation given to monks brings good luck. Some who practice Buddhism also embrace animistic traditions such as the honoring of ghosts and of ancestors. It’s why you can find a small ‘ghost house’ or shrine in front of nearly every building. People attempt to appease local ghosts by leaving food at the shrines.

Pastor Narong prays often for more believers in Thailand to develop an interest in evangelism. He also asks for prayer for more willing hearts among the regular members of the congregation to be trained to share the Gospel. The need is crucial. He reveals, “There is no congregation in 95% of the 80,000 villages in Thailand. Please pray with us that the number of congregations will double in the next 10 years. There is much to do; therefore, we should pray without ceasing.”

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