Finding Love in Christ

A small minority in Malaysia, Christian believers among the indigenous people enjoy religious freedoms denied to most. Among the indigenous Iban in East Malaysia, for example, they may choose their religion, but also experience persecution from the majority religion.

"When someone from the indigenous community joins Islam, they receive a cash allowance," our literacy instructor in the area notes, "and Christians among the indigenous communities always worry about losing support from the local government."

This is why Bible-based Literacy is especially important for these communities. Working with indigenous churches throughout Malaysia, we offer believers experiencing hardship because of their faith the important opportunity to learn English while being encouraged in their faith through God's Word. As they grow in their faith, they also gain new opportunities for work.

In one Bible-based Literacy class, adults and children gather on the dirt floor in a village 200km from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Indigenous people like this are often denied basic education, and because they are Christian believers, they feel the economic hardship most of all. But, this class begins with worship – songs of praise and prayer - before tackling the next lesson, and ends with a celebration that they canexplain what a Bible verse means.

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