Project Philip Grows a Church

Beginning to Share God’s Word

Recently, he had the opportunity to begin Project Philip Bible studies at his church, and he has really seen a difference in his congregation. He explains, "I desired to join the program, after which I received a Bible. I was very happy with the Project Philip Bible study lessons and continued with them. After receiving the manuals, my church grew in number from 80 to 150 members. I have also received new converts and now need even more materials for them."

John is very glad about how Project Philip Bible studies are transforming lives in his community. He says, "I'm happy that the church congregation has gained knowledge and understanding of God's Word. The congregants are very glad to receive their own copies of the Bible. This program has helped us to study and learn the Word of God with vigor."

Helping Others Find Hope

John shares that he has found hope in life that surpasses the life of idolatry. He notes, "Through this ministry program, I found the desire to help my family to know God. Thank you for bringing hope to congregants who had given up on life. Also, for those who didn't believe because now they're converting to Christ."

The lessons gained from Project Philip will be instrumental to John as a minister. He says gratefully, "For a long time, I did the work of God without anyone to encourage me. You have touched my heart because you see me as a co-laborer!"

Thank you for your gift!

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