See Attached StoryWhen Catalina first met Daniel in Paraguay, she didn’t believe in Jesus Christ, but he did. Daniel notes, “When we got married, we thought we were going to have problems with Catalina’s family because they knew I was a Christian.” However, her family reacted unexpectedly. They were happy Catalina found someone like Daniel and felt he could help change her for the better.

Since their wedding, the transforming power of the Gospel has brought important changes to the lives of this couple. But the change was even more radical when they began attending a Bible League Project Philip Bible study. Daniel says, “The study has made us fall in love with the Word of God. Each day we know God more. We are in a wonderful process of growth. The lessons have something I love.”

Through the Project Philip Bible study, Catalina has also started attending church. Though she felt nervous to attend, she is so glad she did. “I really liked the kindness of people,” she notes. “In addition, I have learned many things, and I am very grateful for the Bible studies.”

For this young woman, the story of Nicodemus and Jesus has really touched her heart. She has experienced new birth, just like Nicodemus. Today, the couple is serving in their church and continuing to grow in their faith through God’s Word.

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