Nepal manFor many generations, Chandra’s ancestors followed Buddhism, but Chandra was not religious. Growing up in Nepal’s Central Region, his parents saw him as a problem child. He had a history of picking fights with others. He recalls, “My temper was out of control. I was bitter with those around me.” His life only spiraled from there. He began smoking and drinking. Then, he ran out of money and began robbing his friends, which eventually led to his arrest. He says, “People regarded me as someone evil.”

Chandra spent three years behind bars. “It was the most painful years of my life,” he recalls sadly. “I was happy to be back home. However, my wife and our children struggled a lot. They had to go through a lot of pain and shame because of me. With no food to eat or anybody to care for them, I felt extremely hopeless.”

After seeing the pain the family was undergoing, his wife’s relative invited her to church. Hopeful after her visit and feeling like church was where she needed to be, she encouraged Chandra to go with her. The pastor of the church prayed for them and told them about Jesus.

Chandra felt his life change as he attended church each week. He learned more about God through the Project Philip Bible study he attended there. The story of Zacchaeus in Luke 19 touched Chandra’s heart and changed his life. He notes, “I felt like Zacchaeus. I had made many mistakes, and I realized that I needed repentance. I cried to God to forgive me for my wrongs. I believe God forgave me and made me a new person.”

Today, his life is much different. He is a leader in his church and helps to evangelize in his community. He beams, “When I look back, my marriage has changed. My wife supports me a lot. and we are a lot happier than before. I’m very grateful to God for all He has done in my life.”