Chile Pastor Ariel Gonzalez Nov 2021Ariel has been involved in church most of his life. As a child, he participated in church activities with his family in Chile. “The Bible impacted me from a very young age,” he says. “Reading its stories and adventures was a tremendous blessing for me and still marks my life to this day.”

His heart for sharing God’s Word led him to become involved in the pastoral ministry of his local church. He’s sharing the Gospel through a weekly Bible League Project Philip Bible study.

“Every Wednesday, we gather about 20 people around the Scriptures. Opening the Bible in prayer to God and seeking the guidance of the Holy Spirit in our community is a great blessing,” he says. “Also, because of the pandemic, this is our second year conducting virtual Bible studies; they’ve been very useful for the people who participate.”

Ariel sees the need for God’s Word in his community. “Christ brings hope and a purpose to life. I like to talk to people and tell them that the best decision they can make in their lives is to surrender to Christ,” he says.

He is grateful to the donors of Bible League who are helping meet the needs in Chile. Your gifts are making a true difference in places like Ariel’s community. “Thank you for thinking of those who need the Word of God. Thank you for your generosity. You allow people in need to acquire the Bible in a version understandable for non-believers.”

Bible League tools are helping Ariel and his church train new leaders and reach children and youth. “I thank God because He allowed us to deliver tools to mobilize the churches toward the evangelization and discipleship of boys and girls,” he says. “The material, its clarity, and editorial quality allow us to have access to it and thus continue serving with the message of salvation.”