Sri Lankacrop

Damayanthi, a devoted wife and mother of three children, faced tremendous financial hardships following her husband’s retirement as a jailor. The countrywide inflation caused food scarcity, poverty, and unemployment for thousands across Sri Lanka.

Feeling helpless and insecure, Damayanthi initially sought comfort through meditation and devotion to Buddha, visiting shrines in search of peace. Despite her best efforts, her despair deepened with every passing day. The burden of financial difficulties weighed heavily on the family. “We have always been very generous and sought to help prisoners. Suddenly, we found ourselves facing financial difficulties and our children still unemployed; the burden became increasingly heavy,” recalls the 52-year-old mother.

During this trying period, a church leader met Damayanthi’s husband at a marketplace, leading to a gradual friendship. As her husband shared the family’s hardships with the pastor, they had no idea this encounter would mark a significant turning point in their lives.

The family joined a Bible study group led by a Bible League-trained pastor. Damayanthi and her 17-year-old son experienced a profound transformation in their lives as they studied the Bible through the Project Philip booklets. They made the life-changing decision to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

“God has granted me peace and hope. He has transformed my life, and I now desire to study God’s Word and serve Him. I am eager to study Church Planters Training to equip myself for His service,” she shares. “I deeply thank Bible League for providing our family with Bible study materials and Sinhala Bibles.”

Despite their ongoing financial challenges, Damayanthi draws strength from God and His Word. She requests prayers for herself and her son as they prepare for baptism, and she seeks support for her family’s continued growth in faith.