SamiacropSamia is an 18-year-old living in South Sudan. Growing up with her Muslim aunt in northern Sudan, she became Muslim at a young age and learned to follow all the Islamic requirements. But in her heart, she felt bitter. Although she followed the rules, there was a void inside. She states, “What I really missed was peace of mind and heart.”

But her life changed in 2020 when she traveled to South Sudan for a prolonged visit with extended family. One day, her Uncle David told her about the local church’s Bible-based Literacy class. Samia eagerly signed up because it was her lifelong dream to learn English.

At first, the class was difficult for Samia to understand, as she learned Arabic in school and wasn’t familiar with the Bible. However, as time went on, the classes and Bible themes became extremely interesting to her, and she wholeheartedly engaged in learning.

As her learning continued, Samia noticed many differences between the Muslim faith of her childhood and the Christian faith presented in the classes. She explains, “There is nothing clear about everlasting life, love towards the enemy, or righteousness by faith in Islam.” Her joy grew as she joined her classmates in singing songs and relating to God. Samia observed that people “prayed to God as if He was their father. They see God in the center of their lives.”

One year after moving to South Sudan, Samia accepted Christ and was baptized. She joyfully shares, “I finally found peace of mind and heart. I don’t know what will happen when I return to Sudan, but I’m very happy and proud to follow Jesus Christ. I am a new creature in Him.”

Samia is enthusiastic about continuing her English and Bible studies. Regarding the materials she received from Bible League, she shares, “I use the easy-to-read Arabic Bible in my daily study. Thank you for supporting those in need, especially those in the Muslim community, so that they may know the truth.”