Kenya CropOn a sunny afternoon at a church hidden up a hill in Loita, Kenya, men and women dressed in colorful Maasai regalia breathe life into the area surrounded by thorny bush. They break out in beautiful song to grace their Project Philip Bible study graduation. Dominic, an enthusiastic 21-year-old, was among the graduates. Clean-shaven with a black and grey sports jacket, he shares the difference God’s Word has made in his life.

“I was a school dropout due to family issues,” he begins. “I became a farmer and kept livestock. I grow potatoes, maize, and beans. My mother brought us up in Christian ways. That’s why I knew about Christianity at an early age. But my life changed after I learned that I needed to affirm Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I used to worship other gods and do inappropriate customary practices. I believed in magic and necromancy because many Maasais follow such beliefs.”

Dominic joined a Project Philip Bible study. It was then that he started to understand God’s teachings in the Bible and began to turn away from his people’s bad cultural practices. He’s not the only one. He explains, “Many lives have changed in my community through the Project Philip Bible study program. People can now read and study the Bible for themselves. It has changed our mindsets.”

Now, as a trained Bible study leader, Dominic is encouraging other young people like him. He uses the knowledge he gained through Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study to spread the Gospel to his community. He is happy to tell other people to receive the Lord and to read the Bible to have a better life!

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Crowds gathered for the Project Philip graduation.