Zam CropFor Joseph in Zambia, experiencing Jesus Christ was a wake-up call.

“I realized God existed because of His amazing creation and the power to wake us up each morning,” he remembers. “When I became sick and hopeless, I got scared and asked myself about my destiny if I happened to die. I saw that Jesus was the only answer to my destiny.”

From that point on, Joseph followed the Lord. He was only 12 years old when he experienced Christ and became a believer; his new faith went against many of his family’s beliefs. “Only three family members were Christians,” he says. “The rest wouldn’t attend church. Many participated in evil acts of heavy drinking, stealing, fighting, smoking, and supporting Islam.”

His brothers still aren’t supportive of his faith. “I have faced challenges with my family, especially my brothers, with whom I used to play and drink. They always shout at me and call me a coward,” he says. “Only my mother and sister encourage me to ignore them and keep up with my faith.”

Today, Joseph is still standing strong in his faith. And he’s praying others in his community will have the same wake-up call he had as a young man.

“God has called me to share His Word with those still living in sin,” he says. Joseph is studying God’s Word in small group Bible studies at his church, and he knows there’s a great need in his community. “My community needs the Word of God very much because most people don’t go to church. Many believe in things that are not helpful to the Christian life,” he says. “With the Word of God in place, we might see some transformation in people’s lives.”

Many in his community are open to religion; but often, churches do not preach the true Gospel. They promote polygamy and early marriages. “Such ideas are a hindrance to spreading the Gospel,” he says.

Joseph is grateful for your support. “The training from Bible League was significant for me because it brought my life to light, and I came to understand the true purpose of living in Christ,” he says. “Without such training from Bible League, I would have continued living in sin.”