Yvan Excited After Receiving His Bible & CertificateYvan is a 17-year-old student at Mwaro Secondary School in Burundi. He’s the firstborn in a family of two children. His family is traditionally religious, and Yvan grew up going to church. Though he describes his parents as loving and excellent, they were also quite strict.

“My parents were so strict to the point I grew up afraid of making mistakes,” he explains. “If anyone did wrong, my father would punish them seriously. But I feel blessed still to have both of my parents. I know many young people orphaned by the civil war that lasted more than 20 years in Burundi.”

He admits before he gave his life to Jesus, he was very rebellious. “I avoided places where people talked about God. I would try to show a good side to people and be a different person alone.” However, Yvan’s life changed when a Christian friend invited him to church. He says, “I fell in love with the Word of God. I understood God is so gracious to us.”

After hearing the Gospel at this church, Yvan gave his life to Jesus. He notes, “My life changed. Now I desire to please God and walk in holiness.” Since then, Yvan has continued to grow in his faith through a Bible League Project Philip Bible study at his school. The teen explains, “The program strengthened me in my Christian life. It helped me understand how much God cares about us and God’s will in my life. I felt challenged to read the Bible.”

Yvan is also grateful for the Bible he received, and he believes it will help him to grow in knowledge of God’s Word. He now feels God is calling him to share the Good News with his friends and family.

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