Qnarik Finally Found Peace

Studying the Bible brought Qnarik comfort

March 9, 2020

Qnarik working on her Bible study.

For years, Qnarik was searching for something. She was raised by good parents in her village in Armenia, describing her childhood as a fairytale. She married the man she loved when she was 19 and filled her days with chores and serving her family. But something was missing. “Day by day, this empty feeling grew inside me,” she says.

A friend visited and told Qnarik about her new faith in Christ. “I could feel peace even though I didn’t understand what it was,” she remembers thinking as her friend shared the Gospel. She and her friend continued to meet in secret because Qnarik was afraid of how her husband would react. Qnarik dreamed of learning more about Christ and having her own Bible, but she could not afford one.

Soon, she began telling her son about Jesus, still in secret. Without her knowing, her son began saving his lunch money to buy his mother a Bible. “I was in tears, but was so happy,” she says. “I started to read the Bible, but honestly, I didn’t understand a thing. I felt a hunger for God and was very sad that I couldn’t understand the Bible. I even quit reading.”

Everything changed for Qnarik when a Christian couple, Davit and Astghik, began to visit her at home. They visited often, but privately to avoid her husband. But one day, the inevitable happened. Her husband came home while Davit and Astghik were visiting. To Qnarik’s shock, her husband didn’t kick them out, but sat down to listen. “I was amazed, I realized God had touched my husband,” she says.

Qnarik attended Project Philip Bible studies with her friends, working through the booklets to help her understand the Word. When she finished, she received another copy of the Bible for her family. But sadly, as she was growing closer to God, her husband fell ill.

“Sooner than I expected, he was bedridden,” she says. “To my great surprise, he asked me to read the Bible to him. I was reading the Bible to him for weeks until, unfortunately, I lost him. I was very sad, but God comforted me in an amazing way.”

Qnarik has a peace from God, and even though she is grieving the loss of her husband, she is grateful that he heard the Gospel. “It is very important to use every opportunity to share the Word of God with anyone, and it is crucial to pray for those relatives and friends for whom we think it’s impossible to come to God,” she says. “The example of my husband’s life made me realize that every person has the right to hear the Word of God. I have received the assurance of salvation.”

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