Reaching Students for Christ

Church Planter, Bible-based Literacy teacher ministering at his university

November 11, 2019

Pap, 23, is a young man whose passion for God is well-known.

Pap, 23, is a young man whose passion for God is well-known. He’s been sharing the hope of the Gospel with his fellow university students in the Kotayk region of Armenia. He is a Bible League-trained church planter and Bible-based Literacy instructor. Despite having to put his education on hold to fulfill a mandatory stint in the military, he still plans to reach college students with the hope of Christ.

“After my first year after going through Literacy training, I had to join the army,” he explains. “While in the service, I came even closer to the Lord. During my last month of duty, I prayed to God to see how I should serve Him. You know, when you realize what God has done for you, it’s not possible to do anything else!”

After his time in the military, Pap went back to the university. He picked up his studies in geology and offered his service to student’s ministry. He led a small group Bible study for students that looked at the Epistle of James. Reading the Word of God from his cell phone, he exclaimed, “Do not just listen to God’s Word, but live it out!”

Many have asked for his secret to successful ministry among college students. Pap says he doesn’t have a playbook. “I don’t have a specific approach, it all starts with friendship,” he says quietly. “I invite them to prayer meetings. Sometimes it’s just me. I was amazed by the number of people who came for the discussion when we were talking about the meaning of life. Some said it was the first time they talked about such things. Some have already accepted Christ, but they don’t have a church in their area. So, it’s important for me to keep having these meetings.”

Pap’s devotion is unyielding, and he even makes the time to post a Bible verse on Facebook every day. “It’s not always possible to meet each day,” he explains, “but I always feel the need to stay connected to the students.”

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