Reaching the Koya People

Kunja is planting churches in India

April 13, 2020

Kunja leads a church of more than 70 members.

Kunja, 32, grew up an only child of Christian parents. His family is also part of the Koya people group in southeastern India. For many years, Kunja didn’t have much interest in Christianity. Instead, life’s biggest questions plagued his mind. “Why am I living on this earth? What will happen if I die?”

Though Kunja didn’t have a personal relationship with Christ, his mom never gave up. She always prayed for him. When she called, she would often ask Kunja about his faith. Finally, while Kunja was in college, God answered his mother’s prayers. He notes, “I accepted Christ as my Savior. Soon, I found that God has a purpose for my life and my community.”

In his community, many of the young people are uneducated and have very little guidance or mentoring. Since most of Kunja’s friends didn’t go to college, they haven’t been able to get well-paying jobs. Instead, they work for daily wages and spend their time drinking. Kunja says, “Their lives are being destroyed. Whenever I saw their condition, I felt like I had to do something for them. I desired to see a change in our community.”

One day, God spoke to Kunja about the Koya people and gave him a vision for them. He notes, “I felt that they needed Jesus. I wanted to share the Gospel with them, but I didn’t have any idea of how to share the Gospel.” God knew Kunja’s desire and gave him a solution when a friend told him about Church Planter Training.

“The training changed my life. It helped me to reach my people,” he explains. Through Church Planter Training, he understood the importance of prayer and Bible study. The whole class would walk around their target areas and pray for God to open the eyes of the villagers. Along the way, they would meet key people in the villages. He notes, “That was the beginning of the work among the Koya people. I started ministry in front of my own house.”

Today, Kunja has finished Church Planter Training and established a church. His church has more than 70 adults and children. He says with a smile, “God has fulfilled my dream to reach my people through Church Planter Training.”

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