Rejected by Everyone but God

April 1, 2020

Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka

Nanthini is an 18-year-old from Sri Lanka. She was raised by her grandparents alongside her two sisters and two younger cousins. While her grandparents did their best to raise five children while working in the tea gardens, Nanthini and the other children were often left alone, feeling neglected. “There were times where we yearned for parental love and protection that no one could provide,” she remembers.

But that wasn’t the end of Nanthini’s struggles. She was unable to walk, stand, or speak on her own for nearly eight years. Her mental development was not on track with others her age. Her reproductive organs were not developing, and doctors said she would never experience puberty. Friends and family ridiculed and rejected her. “I would overhear people say really mean things, like ‘she is a curse to the family, nothing good will come from her’ and ‘she will never be a woman, she will not live long,’” Nanthini remembers sadly.

She was often left home alone when her grandparents and family would go out. She quit school at 15. She was discouraged and sad.

One day, a pastor and Bible League-trained church planter visited Nanthini. He introduced her to the Bible, telling her about the healing power of Jesus. “I said to myself, ‘I’m going to trust Jesus, the miraculous healer,’” she remembers. “I started with the Gospel of Mark, trusting Jesus word by word. I felt hopeful after reading the Bible and placed my whole trust in Jesus.”

The next month, Nanthini went to the hospital for her monthly checkup. Doctors were amazed to find healthy development throughout her body. Everything was improving. Nanthini knew it was because of God. “I was very interested and hungry to learn more of the Word of God,” she says.

She began praying for her father who struggled with alcoholism and showed no signs of repentance. For weeks she prayed, knowing the power of God. Her father became ill and gave up drinking for good.

The more she saw God work, the stronger Nanthini’s faith became. Her father has since come back into her life and her mother has promised to do the same. “I am thrilled and grateful for the ministry of Bible League International,” she says. “I was disabled, rejected, and cursed, but now the love of God has changed my life and blessed my heart. Thank you.”

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