Sadness Replaced with Joy

Difficult circumstances led Amalya to Jesus

July 27, 2020

Amalya (right) with Emma.

Amalya (right) is a 58-year-old mother of three from Armenia. She grew up in a loving home and had a good relationship with her parents, but as a teenager, she found out she was adopted. “I became very upset, feeling I’d been deceived and lied to all this time. I was sad that I didn’t know my own parents and wondered why they had left me in an orphanage,” she remembers.

The shocking news caused Amalya to rebel. She grew bitter toward her adoptive parents, longing to find a husband so she could move out. She got married and became a mother herself, which changed her perspective. She began to understand that her adoptive parents weren’t to blame. She eventually began visiting them again and was able to reconcile with them before they died.

Two of her sons joined the Army once they were adults, but again, Amalya was hit with shocking news. One of her son’s officers committed suicide, but her son was blamed. He was sentenced to prison for eight years. Amalya spiraled into depression.

“We couldn’t do anything to justify my son. I cursed my destiny and I protested against God,” she says. “I was in tears about my son all the time. I wasn’t healthy physically. In short, my life felt like hell. I was hopeless.”

During her struggle, Amalya was reminded of Emma, a woman in her community. Emma had lost her husband, but despite her circumstances, something was different about her. “I knew she had a difficult life because she had lost her husband, yet I also knew she had peace of mind,” she says. “I couldn’t understand why, but I thought she might be able to help me in my sad situation.”

What was different for Emma was her relationship with Christ. At first, Amalya pushed back when Emma talked about the Lord, but she soon realized that Emma’s words were speaking to her heart. “God changed my heart and the day soon came that I decided to accept Jesus into my heart,” Amalya says.

Amalya began to see a change in herself. Her sadness was replaced with joy as she prayed with Emma. Emma, a member of the Bible League Armenia team, invited her to a Project Philip Bible study at her home. “Studying God’s Word took me out of my depression and made hope rise inside of me,” Amalya says.

The group began praying for Amalya’s son, and the Lord answered. Her son’s sentence was shortened, and he was released soon after. Amalya presented the Prison Governor a special gift, a Bible to thank him for her son’s release, knowing that the Word of God would change his life as it has done for her.

Instead of feeling depressed or angry, Amalya is now truly happy. “I am so happy to have Jesus in my life,” she says. “It is Jesus Himself who changed my life and who hears my prayers. I pray the Lord’s blessings upon all those people who support the printing and spreading of Bibles and Christian literature in Armenia. Thank you to all the people who are helping the Armenian people grow in Christ.”

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