From Hating Christians to Preaching the Gospel

From Hating Christians to Preaching the Gospel

“Pastoring was not one of my dreams as a young boy as I grew up in the hills of central Nepal,” begins Pastor Sameer.

In fact, Sameer and his family were devout Hindus who hated Christians for their belief and practices. After all, Christians worshipped only one God and did not accept any Hindu gods or goddesses.

But a few years ago, his wife began suffering from an unknown illness. They spent all their money going to hospitals in search of help, but her condition only worsened.

“Every penny seemed to go down the drain with no positive results. We reached the end of our rope. Death seemed to be tapping on our shoulders, saying, ‘You just have one day left.’ I was heartbroken.”

“One day, out of the blue, a pastor visited us and prayed for my wife,” Sameer explains. “I don’t recall how or through whom he heard about us since we were very much against Christians. Today, I thank God that He sent His servant to us on my wife’s deathbed. The pastor laid his hands on her forehead and said, ‘In Jesus’ name, in Jesus’ name...’ several times. That’s all I remember. God healed my wife completely!”

When Sameer’s wife was better, the pastor invited the couple to his church, where they took part in a Project Philip Bible study. “I started to read the Bible after coming to this small group fellowship,” he says. “God’s Word encouraged me to trust in Jesus and to know Him more personally.”

It wasn’t long before Sameer want to serve the Lord. Today, he’s leading Bible studies, too. And, as a Bible League-trained church planter, he’s leading a group of new believers with the help of his wife.

“We have seen more than 50 people come to know Jesus,” he reports, “and about 30 have been baptized. Currently, we have 11 fellowship groups participating in Project Philip Bible studies.”

Living in one of the most remote areas of Nepal, Sameer is grateful for the Bibles he receives. “You have helped us tremendously to reach out to others and expand God's kingdom,” he says. “Thank you.”

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