Samson Understands God’s Word

Project Philip helps nine-year-old with the Word

June 8, 2020

Samson with his materials.

Nine-year-old Samson’s parents are loving and work hard to make sure all four of their children have all that they need in Marozva, Zimbabwe. The family goes to church nearby and prays together every night. So recently, when their church began using Project Philip Bible studies, Samson’s parents encouraged him to join the Bible study in his Sunday school.

Soon Samson received his new Project Philip children’s Bible study booklet and began to learn more about Jesus along with the other kids in his church. Samson notes with a smile, “Studying God’s Word has been so amazing. I had never studied the Bible with such a good booklet.” As he learned more about the Word of God, Samson also understood that there are verses to help teach and guide us.

He says, “The teachings in the booklet helped me to understand that God does not want to us to sin and we should ask for forgiveness.” Samson loves the booklet and has learned so much from it, including how to pray for his family and friends.

The nine-year-old says, “Since I started using Bible League’s Project Philip Bible study, I better understand the Word of God. I know now that we should spread the Word of God to our friends and other people around the world. I want to pass the Good News in the Bible to my friends through using this booklet.”

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