Seeing the Light

Martin knows firsthand about the grace of God.

December 6, 2019

Genevie and her mother.

Martin knows firsthand about the grace of God.

He grew up in Zambia knowing about the Bible but did not have a relationship with Jesus. Somewhere along the way, he lost hope. He felt judgment from others for any mistake, big or small. He soon turned to alcohol to numb his pain.

For years, he avoided church. "I sank deeper and deeper into sin. I abused alcohol because I thought God had abandoned me," he says. "I had lost hope. I had lost everything."

At one point, Martin was on the brink of death. But that all changed, thanks to God.

A friend of his invited him to a Project Philip Bible study in the area. He felt at ease in the group and was comfortable enough to ask questions about the lessons. He says the group felt like a home with welcoming interactions and fellowship between people from multiple churches with unique testimonies and lifestyles.

"I started seeing light at the end of the tunnel," he says, smiling from ear to ear remembering how God revealed Himself. "Jesus became so plain to me that I became enlightened. I began to see what was happening."

The Project Philip Bible study changed Martin's view of God. "The more I attended the Bible study lessons the more I felt the hunger and thirst for the Word of God," he says. "This program has helped me and my family. We now really see that, wow, God is truly God."

Martin is now working as a counselor at a local hospital to help those who are suffering like he once was. "If people who saw me last year were to see me right now, they would know it was a miracle of God," he says. "I want the donors to know that what they are doing isn't something small. They are doing something tremendous."

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