Sharing God's Word

Pairot grew up in a village in Thailand in a poor family where work was scarce and wages low. His father worked hard in the rice fields. This gave Pairot big dreams of becoming rich, getting married, and settling down. Like many in his situation, he migrated to work in Bangkok, Thailand's financial hub. A few years later, he returned home to care for his aging parents.

When he arrived, life in the village was a stark contrast to life in Bangkok. Again, left with few options, Pairot worked hard labor just as his parents did. His dreams of living large remained simply that as he struggled to survive.

But one day life began to look up for Pairot when a Christian came to his village and told the family about the Good News of Jesus Christ. He recalls, "He assured us that Jesus could help. He asked if he could pray for my mother, who was ill, and for me. I readily agreed."

After sharing the Gospel with Pairot, the man helped him accept Jesus as his Savior. Then, he invited Pairot to go to church with him. Since that day, Pairot has been attending church every
week. One Sunday the pastor announced something new-Project Philip Bible study training.

He explains, "As a new believer, I did not know how to talk about the Good News with anyone. However, after the training, I learned how to share God's Word. I started sharing the Good News with more people. We study Bible together through the Project Philip Bible study booklets.

Now, Pairot's family has peace as they continue to share the Good News with people every day. He beams, "Thank you for providing us with such wonderful materials and the training for us to be able to respond to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

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