Single Mom Finds Hope

Ophelia is dedicated to studying, even by candlelight

November 11, 2019

Pastor Olsi, who hosts a <em class=Project Philip Bible study for young adults, at his day job." />

Ophelia is a 25-year-old single mother in Mozambique. Growing up, church was never important in her family; her parents would take her for special occasions, but not regularly. At 12, Ophelia moved out of her home to attend secondary school. She spent years away from her parents and created a life on her own.

She became pregnant at 22. Her boyfriend refused to accept responsibility, so Ophelia now lives on her own and takes care of herself and her son.

She was invited to join a Project Philip Bible study by her friend Helena, a Bible League-trained church planter. Ophelia saw the benefits immediately.

“From the very start, I've enjoyed the fellowship with the group,” she says. “I am learning how to read the Bible, how to pray, and how to become a Christian.”

Ophelia dedicates time every day to reading her Bible and Bible study booklet, even in the middle of the night, which can sometimes cause problems.

“One night, I was reading and studying my lessons by candlelight when by accident, I burned my booklet,” she remembers. “By the grace of God, I managed to extinguish the fire, and I am able to still use my booklet."

As a busy single mom, Ophelia has found rest in the Lord, and she’s eager to tell others about the Gospel because of what He has done in her life.

“I often felt depressed and lonely. It was like having a heavy burden in my life,” she says. “When I joined the Bible study, I started experiencing joy, peace, and good fellowship. I shall encourage others who are passing through unhappy times like I was, telling them about Jesus.”

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