For Christ Now and Forever

When she was just a child, Rosilia was abandoned with her younger siblings- left deep in a forest by their mother because the family was so poor and without hope. They scrounged, begged, and stole to survive in and around Mexico City. "We lived like animals- always hungry, dirty, heads of lice and dressed in rags," she says.

Over the years, Rosilia became an addict, had children by different men, and wound up in prison (her children in an orphanage). But from this shocking start, God has made something beautiful from Rosilia's life.

In prison she was given a Bible and eventually began to read it- and couldn't stop. Her life changed when she cried to Jesus for salvation, and her reformed ways led to an early release. She found her children and discovered an opportunity to serve God. "He showed me a place, and told me to get started bringing in homeless children and taking care of them," she recalls.

Today, Rosilia runs Centro el Recobro (the Recovery Center) in Mexico City which is home to 166 women and girls. They welcome the homeless, recovering addicts, and those facing disabilities- and they study God's Word together using Project Philip. Trained as a Philip herself, Rosilia saw how this could change lives. "These girls immediately began to boldly share the Gospel, using what they learned to disciple other residents," she says, adding, "Even the government inspectors leave in tears because the girls share Jesus with them and pray with them.”

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