Wordpress BerlineBerline was born in Marigot, Haiti, 28 years ago and today is a single mother with one child. She never went to school, so she didn’t know how to read and write. Being illiterate in many places will put you in a more difficult position in life, which is the same in Haiti.

She felt sad whenever she saw other children of her age going to school. “Being an illiterate person was the greatest challenge that I faced while I was growing up,” she says.

She used to live a life that was not pleasing to God. Her parents encouraged her to participate in Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy program. During the lessons, she began to learn God’s Word.

“When the literacy instructors taught me the Scriptures, I decided to receive the gift of eternal life because the Word of God touched my heart,” she says.

Berline feels so happy now that she has the assurance of eternal life. The materials from the Bible League helped her better understand the Word of God.

Many changes happened in her life; now, she can talk with other people and share the same Good News she received from God’s Word. She now knows how to read and write. She also is better at managing a small business that she owns.

“I would like to thank Bible League for this wonderful ministry. I encourage you all to continue with this program so that other people may benefit from it,” Berline says.