Pastor Perez standing praying with his hands on the airThere are many tribes in Africa with ties to Judaism. Pastor Perez is a member of one of them, the Lemba tribe. Some of the members of this tribe even travel to Israel to have their DNA tested for Jewish genes.

Pastor Perez studied the books of Moses (the Torah, or first five books of the Bible) and practiced the traditions and rituals Moses himself would have practiced. He says they became even more meaningful once he completed Church Planter Training. He exclaims, “I am a Christian, and I love Jesus!”

Now a Bible League-trained church planter, Pastor Perez strategically established a church in Chinyika, a farming community in eastern Zimbabwe. He explains, “I planted this congregation in the capital to accommodate the members of the Lemba tribe who have migrated here.”

Although he often encounters resistance, Pastor Perez has devoted himself to sharing the Gospel with the members of his tribe who practice Judaism as well as those who practice Islam. His goal is to bring Jew and Gentile together in unity.

As Pastor Perez prepares to preach a message at a synagogue, dozens gather to hear him. Some are even sitting in the doorway. A young girl no older than 14 leads worship singing, “We magnify Your Holy Name, we worship You, Almighty God…”

Pastor Perez emerges, wrapped in a blue and white prayer shawl, and energetically shares how the books of Moses also talk about Jesus Christ. He is so committed to sharing the Word of God that he is already prepared to share Project Philip Bible studies with them, a training he’s had to postpone due to COVID-19. He asks your prayers for fruitful and blessed lessons and ready hearts so that many will come to Christ through the Bibles and training you help to provide.

People of Pastor Perez's church