Feston standing with a leader both holding the same bookFeston lives in Shurugwi, a small village in Zimbabwe. Married with nine adult children, he’s seen a lot in his 75 years. “I grew up during the war,” (a civil conflict that eventually led to Zimbabwe’s independence) he says softly. “When I was a boy, my father ran away from the village to escape the war. As a result, I never saw him again.”

He heard about Project Philip Bible studies when a woman preacher came to his village. He beams, “In her, I saw a woman on fire for Jesus and I knew I had to turn my life around for the better by participating in this Bible study. Later, I was emotional when I learned that Bible League’s training was absolutely free.”

Now, Feston is a church leader and shares how the Bibles and training he received transformed his ministry. He explains, “The Project Philip materials transformed my life. I learned the importance of faith as a church leader. The materials made it possible for us to study the Word of God in the comfort of our homes. I now have my own personal copy of the Bible!

“As a church leader my Christian life has totally changed. At church, I used to preach without even opening my worn out and ripped Bible. Now, I read the Word of God at home and plan my sermons before going to church. I used to borrow my neighbor’s Bible for me to read from the many chapters that were missing in my Bible. Now, I am always encouraging other people to join the Bible study lessons. Members of my church now have Bibles.”

Feston is so grateful for the resources that made it possible for everyone in his church to study with their own Bibles. He says, “Thank you for the resources that made it possible for us to study the Word of God. Continue with the good work. God bless you!”