Student's Prayer Life Improved

Project Philip Bible Study Transformed Girl's Faith Journey

January 13, 2020

Victoria, an 18-year-old student in Ghana, poses with her booklet.

Victoria is an 18-year-old student in Ghana. Raised in the Volta region, she now attends college near Ghana’s capital city, Accra. She is open and quite blunt when she talks about her faith. She says, “I was brought up in a Christian home; however, I took things for granted. I didn’t engage in those outrageous moral vices such as fornication or stealing. I simply was not a serious Christian. My prayer life was weak, and I didn’t study the Bible at all.”

This all changed for Victoria when the Project Philip Bible study ministry was brought to her school by a former student. She was happy to sign on for the lessons. She says, “I was challenged and went all out for this program! I enjoyed every single lesson in the Bible study booklet. The lesson that impacted me the most is the one about the will of God. Not only do I now know the will of God for my life, I know the reason I need to follow it.”

Victoria’s prayer life has also greatly improved. She’s gone from barely any prayer life at all to now being the Prayer Secretary—a type of peer chaplain for students—at her school. She says proudly, “I have an improved prayer life. I’ve learned so much about integrity and discipline and I want to apply them to my own life.” She also prays for herself and her family. She shares, “Anger has been a major stronghold in my life, and I will work hard to overcome it using the Word of God. My persistent prayer is for God to intervene in my family’s finances.”

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