Teaching English in Indonesia

Bible-based Literacy Student is Now Teaching

May 18, 2020

Jho is a Bible-based Literacy instructor.

Jho was hanging out with his friends at college in Kupang, Indonesia, one weekend when they told him about an English Bible-based Literacy training that was happening at the mayor’s office.

“Maybe you would like to participate,” they said. Jho did, so he registered for Bible League’s Bible-based Literacy training. He notes, “Our good mayor is kind enough to subsidize some teachers who graduated from this program as we implement it in Kupang. The support helps with transportation, food, and some art materials for the classes.”

In the short amount of time that he has been going to training, Jho has already learned how to teach English Bible-based Literacy. “I find the program helpful and easy to execute,” he says. “Bible-based Literacy is something that our city needs to reach out to the remote areas—to the people who can’t even afford to go to school.”

Everyone in Indonesia must choose a religion. It’s common for people to simply follow a religion based on what their family has picked. That’s exactly what Jho did.

Though he was a Christian most of his life, today he admits, “I didn’t really know who Jesus was.” That changed when, as a senior in high school, he was cyberbullied by his classmates.

Jho is a Bible-based Literacy instructor.

One night, Jho cried about the situation, pouring his heart out to Jesus. Over the next days, as he prayed and read the Bible, he realized he had never asked Jesus to be his Savior. He explains, “I prayed to Jesus to wash all my sins because I took Him for granted most of the time. Since that day, I’ve felt different.”

Now, Christ has led him to this new opportunity to teach Bible-based Literacy. “I’m looking forward to teaching English to children in Kupang. I’m also looking forward to teaching them the Bible so they will know who God really is. At an early age, they will have a real connection with Jesus. Knowing Jesus is the only key for everyone to face life’s challenges.”

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