Teen Church Planter Shares Joy

Esther is learning more about God and is excited to share His Word

November 11, 2019

Esther, a church planter in Kenya.

The physical beauty of Kenya’s Laramatak region is overwhelming. Fluffy clouds and cactus trees shimmer as Lake Magadi catches their reflection. It is here where you will find Esther, a member of the Maasai tribe. The last born of 10 children, Esther is training to be a church planter at the tender age of 17.

“I joined Church Planter Training at my church because I wanted to learn more about the Word of God,” she explains with a smile. Esther said it was her mother’s witness that led her to Christ. “My mother is born again, so I decided to accept Christ, too,” she says.

Although she was reading the Bible, she admits she didn’t understand its content. But when her pastor starting using the Church Planter Training materials, she says they brought her understanding. “Whenever I faced challenges, I used to give up easily,” she says solemnly. “But this training helped me understand that even though challenges were there, I could still make it if I persevered. I learned that by trusting God’s Word, and making good decisions, I could still accomplish my destiny. And so can you.”

Esther is grateful to all who helped to provide Bibles and training. “Thank you for equipping us to go through this program,” she says. “When people read these materials, they will look at life differently.”

She is quick to share a word of encouragement with others. “I like advising people, learning how to make good decisions, and helping others to do the same,” she beams. “When someone sees their life as difficult, I remind them they can still overcome in Christ.”

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