Teen Finds New Life

Project Philip Bible Study Gives Teen Foundation

March 2, 2020

Shamiso, pictured in the blue jacket.

Like many other kids and teens, 13-year-old Shamiso (pictured in the blue jacket) from Nemamwa, Zimbabwe, often fights with her brothers and sometimes is too occupied with playing to listen to her parents’ instructions. But she knows she needs to work hard to do well in life and is happy about how her hard work is paying off with her school grades.

Shamiso’s family is Christian, but school is where she learned about how to have a relationship with Christ. She explains, “I used to believe that there was no need to receive Christ because I was born in a Christian family.” She recently changed her mind after a group of believers came to her school and introduced Project Philip Bible studies for youth.

She says, “I’d never participated in such Bible studies. It brought joy to my life. The Bible study helped to lay a Christian foundation in my life. And I received Christ as my Savior after learning about how salvation enables us to reconcile with God. Jesus died on the cross so that our sins can be forgiven.”

Through her Project Philip Bible study, Shamiso also received her very own copy of the Bible. She beams, “The Bible and booklets are guiding me through the Word of God. I’m so grateful.”

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