Teen Shares God's Word

Young girl sharing the Gospel in Bangladesh

February 5, 2020

Shonchita shares the Gospel with other girls in Bangladesh.

“Life is tough here,” 16-year-old Shonchita begins. “We don’t have electricity and have to rely on kerosene lamps at night.” She lives with her parents and siblings near a tea garden in a remote area of Bangladesh. Her mom and brother spend many hours working at the plantation collecting tea leaves, but their wages are still not enough to support Shonchita’s education. The teen devotes most of her time caring for her younger sisters. She notes, “We cannot always have what we want, and being an older sister, I have to make sacrifices, which isn’t easy.”

The conditions of the roads are not good either. And many people here face a hard life walking long distances on them. Though Shonchita didn’t used to believe in any god, she dreamed of a better life. When she met Romil, a Bible League-trained Christian leading Project Philip Bible studies in her community, she began to feel her dream might come true. She felt hopeful for the first time in her young life.

Soon, with Romil’s support, she was attending a Bible study regularly and learning more about God’s love for her. “Romil encouraged me to study well, so I kept going,” she explains. “It has changed my life.” When she received her Bible study booklets, she was so happy. “I realized that if I wanted to achieve something great in my life, then I need to work hard and study hard. Jesus became my goal in life.”

God’s Word is transforming Shonchita’s life every day. Now, she is helping other girls her age to find hope by helping to teach Project Philip Bible study lessons to them. She beams, “They love me, and I love teaching the Bible. It helps me to study God’s Word more. My life has changed from the day I came to know Jesus and began to read the Bible.”

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