Testimony of Jamaal

"When I was young, I made sport of persecuting Christians," Jamaal begins, "until one day at a Christian gathering it all changed." He explains, "I was a Muslim living in Ethiopia, which meant you hated Christians."

Jamaal remembers, "As a preacher talked, my friends and I were throwing stones into the crowd, but the people did not go home. And when the preacher invited anyone to come forward if they wanted to know more about Jesus, I found myself standing in front of the pulpit. That was the beginning."

Today, Jamaal is an evangelist, and he stands in pulpits inviting others to learn more about Jesus. "It all turned around because God turned me around," he says like a true evangelist. "When I learned about Jesus' love for me and began to read God's Word, I knew I had to trust Jesus as my Savior."

He continues, "But I knew nothing of God's Word, and my family and friends strongly objected to my new faith in Jesus. They persecuted me the same way I persecuted Christians, but because I became part of a church and learned God's Word using Project Philip Bible studies, I did not turn back to Islam."

Opposition to Christian faith is common in this part of Ethiopia, and persecution is growing daily. Jamaal notes, "In response to the troubles I experienced as a new believer, I knew I had to learn more of God's Word and get the training needed to help others. So I became a Philip myself- leading Project Philip Bible studies and soon training others to become Philips." Jamaal says bluntly, "This is the only way to help in Ethiopia today."

"If you are a traditional Christian, Muslims leave you alone because you are not a threat. But if you dare to believe the Bible and read it yourself, you will be a target of persecution. So, I am thankful every day of my new life and for the Bible and biblical resources people are able to give us."

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