That's When I Believed

"One day I was upset and sad, and I was without hope because the doctor told me I have cancer," Alma remembers. She has lived her life without much concern for God- recalling that many in her native Albania lived with atheism inherited from their Communist history. She says she was thinking about God more and more, but her cancer made her wonder even more.

Walking around my city I met a woman who was distributing flyers, and she talked to me about the great love that God has for us," Alma says. "I told her about my problem, and she invited me to join her at a gathering to learn more.

"Bible League International in Albania organized this event as part of an evangelistic effort to reach people throughout the country, and Alma listened carefully as people sang songs and talked about God's love. Alma confesses that she was convinced that God did love her, "I learned that God has given us life and thatHe is in control of everything. And he tells us to believe in Him. That's when I believed."

Alma began a Project Philip Bible study in a local church. "Every day the Lord revealed Himself to me, more and more. Now I read the Bible every day because through it God communicates with me and His Word has been and will be my healing."

The surgery for her cancer was successful, and Alma thanks God every day. "My wish is to preach the Gospel to others for as long as I will be on earth." She quickly adds a thank you, "Through your materials I know Christ, what He has done for me, and the hope that I have in Him. Thank you.”

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