"The Church is You and Me"

Kenyan Believers Going Back to Basics

April 28, 2020

Ministry in Kenya continues through COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, all our partners across east Africa are very encouraged and see this as an opportunity to evangelize and reach many with the Word of God. They view the curfews and lockdowns as a means of ensuring people are in homes, where the Bible studies are now taking place. Groups that normally meet in churches for their Project Philip Bible studies have now shifted to homes.

One of our Master trainers, Pastor Ludecky, says, “Now we have gone back to where the Church began: in homes. We need to strengthen the church from here. Because the church is you and me. We seem to have focused so much on the structure over time. But I see that through this ‘Corona,’ God is reminding us of that [the church is you and me].”

The government put restrictions in place to help curb the increase of infections. Church leaders across the country have taken steps to support these government measures by cancelling services and various meetings. Churches who are able have started using social media to broadcast live through various channels to reach their members. Messages of hope and encouragement are being preached, focusing on God as our hope through this season.

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