The Courage to Share

Elizabeth shares the Gospel in her community

July 13, 2020

Elizabeth reading her materials.

Elizabeth is a 36-year-old widow living in a tiny village in Zambia. Her father also died when she was a young girl. The grief of losing her father and then her husband sent her into a tailspin. She says somberly, “I resorted to alcoholism to forget about my problems. I felt hopeless and did not have a way out.”

Everything changed for her when Project Philip Bible studies became available at her church. She shares how meaningful this ministry has been to her. “The challenge in my church is that many people do not own a copy of the Bible to read for themselves. At my church, only pastors and elders have Bibles and the rest do not.”

Gaining access to Bibles, biblical materials and training has transformed Elizabeth’s life. She beams, “Project Philip has made me grow spiritually and has given me the power to know how to read the Word of God. I have personally developed the zeal to share the Word of God with my friends and relatives!”

Elizabeth has stopped drinking, and these days you will find her surrounded by her own children and children from her community who are eager to hear the Word of God. She explains, “Before training, I was not able to read even a single sentence from the Bible, but after joining the Bible study group, I’m able to talk about Jesus Christ to other people and give them hope in life by accepting Him as their personal Savior and Lord.”

She prays for her children and the children she has engaged in God’s Word. “It is my prayer we have more materials so I can reach out to more children as it is my passion to see them rooted in the Word of God. Please pray for me that I may continue sharing the Gospel in my family and my community where I live. I thank you for this Project Philip training which gave me the courage to stand before a big audience and share the Word of God.”

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