The Goodness of this Book

"Life here in George is so, so hard!" Yvonne says. She is just 31 years old, with four children, and faces extreme poverty daily. "You can see the kind of homes where people are living. Outside toilets, no clean water, and no place to dispose our garbage, no bins, no sanitation," she adds.

There are no schools in the shanty compound known as George in Zambia, but there are many children. And among the adults, there are few jobs, and illiteracy is high. "People eat just once a day," Yvonne notes, "and children spend their days on the streets begging for food because their parents cannot afford to give them what they need." And about her four children, she says, "it's very difficult to feed them."

The first sign of hope in this area is our Bible-based Literacy class. Yvonne says, "finding a proper, paying job depends on being literate, even as a housemaid you must know some English, and how to read and write."

"In this Bible-based Literacy book we learn to read and write, but God's Word is also included. That's the goodness of this book," she says. "Actually having faith in Jesus really gives me strength because I know when I believe in Jesus, it's Jesus who can take care of my life. Jesus provides, protects, and keeps me."

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