The Gospel Touches a Family

Aria and her family live in a small village in Armenia's Ararat region. She is 55 years old and was raised by parents who did not believe in God at all. After she finished school, she got married right away. She thought she would be starting a new life, but it was then that her troubles started. "My husband often drank, making my life terrible. His behavior became worse and worse until I wanted to get a divorce," she says sadly. "But I did not want to destroy my own family. It felt like peace and hope were far away from me."

This all changed when a caring neighbor invited her over. "When I came in, people were talking about God," she says. "Somehow, it touched me deeply. When they began to pray, I started to cry, and no one could stop my tears." Aria wanted to know exactly what she walked in on, and her neighbor explained that it was a Project Philip Bible study. "I knew right away that I wanted to be a member of this group," she says. "I learned about the Word of God, and the lessons were very helpful and easy to understand. It gave me a bit of the peace that I needed so much."

After her husband died of cancer, she wanted to serve the Lord by sharing the Gospel as a family with her own children in tow. She is leading a Project Philip Bible study for children. "I want to reach Assyrian children and their families with the Good News," she says. Her family is committed to reaching as many people as possible with the powerful Word of God. "Thank you for the Bibles and training you provided. I thank God for this opportunity!"

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