The Gospel Transforms Family

Chance Encounter Brings Venezuelan Man to Christ

March 16, 2020

Jose with his Bible study materials.

A father of three grown children, José is 63 years old and lives in Yaracuy, Venezuela. He is quick to share his bumpy path to Christ. He reveals, “I used to be always in a bitter mood, and I often treated people rudely—especially my wife and my children, unfortunately. I loved drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes, and I used to be unfaithful to my wife with other women. I had a messy life, and because of my evil character, I had many conflicts with my children.”

One day as he was walking home, he overheard a neighbor speaking to someone else about joy. José wanted to know more. “She was telling that person why she was so happy,” he explains. “So, I then approached her and started talking to her about my problems with my children. I told her it was because of my character. Soon, Yolanda was sharing the Word of God with me and invited me to a Project Philip Bible study in her home. I accepted the invitation and started to attend the Bible study. Thanks to Project Philip Bible study, I can understand God’s Word. I’ve learned a lot about God. I do not drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, or cheat on my wife anymore because of my study of the Word of God and the Lord’s power in my life. I see progress in my life now!”

Eager to share what about Jesus turned his life around, he says, “The principle of loving my neighbor as myself in the Gospel of John booklet caught my attention. In the past, I used to get angry rapidly, but now I have patience. I am a new person, and I have compassion for others, which I thought was impossible before. I feel good and have a renewed strength to live.”

Right now, José and his wife María are studying God’s Word together. Their entire household is experiencing transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit. He grins, “Today, I speak about God to others and keep on learning about the Lord through Project Philip. Thank you all who donated funds for these booklets and Bibles to get to Venezuela. May God bless you!”

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