The Power of God's Word

In Angol, a busy city in the Malleco Province of southern Chile, Pastor Alberto tells a story of hardship, determination, and hope. This is the center of the country's painful conflict over land and resources, and the plight of the Mapuche indigenous people-Chile's main indigenous population. They are an ancient people, and unfortunately, they have long suffered in the fight over land and resources.

Pastor Alberto serves in a small church just minutes from the city of Angol. "I have seen firsthand the pain in Mapuche faces. I've served in other churches in Chile, but God brought me back here," he relays, "and it's here that I know God's Word is needed."

"I first learned to study God's Word using Project Philip Bible studies," Pastor Alberto says, "then I kept studying at a school until one day a professor told me to go back home-to Angol, back to where I first met Christ, and serve there."

"Because of the history of the conflict, the people in the community face a struggle," Pastor Alberto shares, "and it always takes time for God's Word to change people's lives here." Quick to point out the sincerity of their interest in the Gospel, Pastor Alberto also knows the hardships they face. "The people here work long, exhausting hours in the fields or forests to make a living. They come to church tired, and need a simple way to learn and beat the fatigue they carry. Long sermons don't work, but these Bible studies do."

"And he quickly adds, "Here, God's Word is changing lives like never before. God is saving marriages, transforming the way parents help their children, and even after so much pain with the government and police, the people are forgiving and living in peace."

"This is the power of God's Word, and we're so thankful for everyone who is helping the people find hope in this part of Chile," Pastor Alberto says.

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